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3rd May 2012


Anonymous said: are you planning to go see 'the beatles: the lost concert' film?

I didn’t even know it was happening! but yeah probably

22nd January 2012

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22nd January 2012

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22nd January 2012

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22nd January 2012


nuclearseascns said: Idea!!!!!!!!1111!!!!! : I kissed my brother's girlfriend. I told him I'd cause him an eternity of misery! xD

you made me giggle

19th January 2012


guyss I need ideas for more of damon’s dilemmas! fill my ask with ANYTHING! even if its just a hello :)


14th January 2012


my askbox is lonely :( send in your requests!

13th January 2012

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13th January 2012

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13th January 2012

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13th January 2012

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12th January 2012

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12th January 2012

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8th January 2012

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Put 5 characters in my ask and I’ll put them in my preference order

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5th January 2012

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